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M by Michael Aro (Paperback)

M by Michael Aro (Paperback)

LIST PRICE $15.99 OUR PRICE $12.99 - M is Michael Aro’s dark, satirical commentary on our twenty-first century global monoculture of capitalism, technology and entertainment. It presents the stories of a bookstore clerk, a five-dimensional alien, a cabal of nine individuals who control the world’s political, socio-economic, and religious institutions, an orphan genius, a group of monks on a sand mandala tour, and Artificial Intelligences modeled after Tesla, Nietzche, Erasmus, Joan of Arc and Barbie. The result is a devastatingly funny critique of contemporary civilization.


Returning Home by Marcus Blake (P)--Marcus Blake Collection

Returning Home by Marcus Blake (P)--Marcus Blake Collection

LIST PRICE $14.99 OUR PRICE $8.99 - A young man turning 21 years of age is told a story by his father; it is the story of his family and how he came to be named after his great grandfather. The story starts in 1992 with a man by the name of Mitch Collins sitting in a doctor's office waiting for the bad news that he's going to die. With only a few months to live he embarks on a journey across America to see some things for the last time and to say goodbye. He has lived a hard life with an estranged family, but he's lived a full life. Accompanying Mitch on this journey is his grandson who he helped raise and a young woman in search of her true meaning. For Jonathan he will learn the truth about his grandfather and learn to live beyond the anger and resentment he's had for him. For Mitch he will find the forgiveness and redemption he's been looking for all of his life. Along the way theses three travelers will find one important truth, no matter where we go in life we all eventually...

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